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Teacher Student Learning Tools, Props, Manipulatives, Workbooks & More - $50 (Duluth)

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    • Price:$50
    • Address:Duluth, GA 30096 (map)
    • Date Posted:06/10/14
    • Description:
    • You get the ENTIRE LOT of items listed and pictured here for The One Low Total Price of $50.00! Its a Terrific Deal!...The Combined Retail Value of these items is More Than $700.00!...But you get it ALL for Only $50.00! WOW!!

      I didn't have enough room to include pics of everything included here, so if you would like to see pics of everything you get for $50.00, please just ask and I will email the entire set of pics to you because there is a lot more than what you see here included. Most of the un-pictured items included are listed below so you can at least read what most of them are. Included is the following:

      ** Large Portable Fold-Out 2-Sided Easel! - One side features a lined canvas for writing and such whereas the other side features a solid white canvas for drawing, sketching, artwork, etc.! - Write-on Wipe-off Feature so you can Use it Over and Over again! - Both sides feature a spacious writing/drawing utensil holder ledge! - Ideal for table-top and/or floor use! - Like New Condition! - Each side measures 20" H x 18-1/2" W!

      ** 9 Houghton Mifflin Heavy-Duty Plastic Kit Containers! - Each container measures 13" L x 8" W x 2-1/2" Deep and features a securely fitting lock-on plastic lid! - Brand New with Labeling still attached! - In stores, you would pay $3.99 for each one of these containers!...That's a combined Value of More Than $36.00 for the 9 containers included here!

      ** Heavy Duty "Treasure-It" Plastic Container with Securely Locking Lid! - Measures 14" L x 8" W x 7-1/2" Deep! - Excellent Condition! - Retails in stores for $5.99!

      ** 2 Heavy-Duty Plastic Bucket Containers with Handles! - Brand New Condition! - Each Bucket measures 6" H x 7-1/2" W x 9" L! - Retail Price for Each Bucket is $3.99!

      ** Lot of 287 Learning Resources Plastic Snap-Cubes in Assorted Colors! - These cubes can snap together in any direction...on top of each other, side by side! - Ideal for Teaching Math Concepts in a hands-on manner. The different colors help the student to visualize two groups going together to get the total! - Each cube measures 3/4". - Excellent Brand New Condition! - These cubes Retail for a Set of 100 for $35.00! There are nearly 3 One Hundred Piece Sets Included here, giving these cubes a combined retail value of approx. $95.00 or so!

      ** 11 Complete Sets of Houghton Mifflin Math Manipulatives Gram Cubes! - Brand New!

      ** Lot of 107 Plastic Unifix Cubes in Assorted Colors! - These cubes snap together on top of one another only! - These cubes provide children with a hands-on experience in number and math exploration! - Each cube measures 3/4". - Made of durable plastic. - These cubes usually Retail for a Set of 100 for $25.00!

      ** 27 Houghton Mifflin Mathematics "Drawing to Learn Tools" Sets! - Each set includes Geometry Tool, Fraction Tool, and Tracing Tool! - Features transparent, flexible, tools to help students learn geometry, fractions, and tracing. - Each plastic card measures 6 x 9 inches and focuses on a specific discipline. - Included here are 26 5-6 Grades Sets and 1 3-4 Grades Set! - All of these sets are in Like New Condition and include their Original Storage/Protective Bags! - In stores and online, These sets sell for $4.99 each!...That's a combined value of $135.00 for the 27 sets included here in this lot! Wow!!

      ** 43 Large Educational Charts! - Printed and Displayed in full color on each chart is the following: A Real Life-Size Ruler which measures inches and centimeters!...The Alphabet (upper and lower case letters) written in cursive form!...Multiplication Chart featuring 1x1 up to 12x12!...Temperature Chart featuring fahrenheit and celsuis and the formula for converting each into the other!...Number Line extending from -30 to 30!....Equivalent Fractions Chart!...Lined space for writing!...and More! - Each Chart measures 19" x 5"! - These Charts are Brand New!

      ** Slide'n Solve Math Flash Cards Rocket Minds by Crayola! - Contents" Slider/Decoder with Dry Erase Surface, 30 Double Sided Flash Cards, 1 Crayola Dry Erase Marker, Wipe-Off Cloth, Instructions! - Used Good Condition! - Retail Price: $11.99!

      ** Rainbow Fraction Deluxe Squares! - Help your class visualize fraction concepts using this Deluxe Rainbow Fraction Squares Set! - Features 51 Brightly Colored Plastic Pieces (with acrylic look and feel) creating one whole, halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, eighths, tenths and twelfths, plus dual-use work tray/storage box and Teaching Notes. Color-coded to correspond to all Rainbow Fraction products! - Retails for $19.99! - This Set is in Like New Condition!

      ** 24 Educational Addition Sticker Charts! - Self-Sticking Stickers to help students learn important Addition facts! - They can stick them in their notebooks, lockers, etc.! - Easily removable! - Brand New!

      ** 12 Educational Subtraction Sticker Charts! - Self-Sticking Stickers to help students learn important Subtraction facts! - They can stick them in their notebooks, lockers, etc.! - Easily removable! - Brand New!

      ** 20 Multiplication & Division Learning Stickers by Teacher's Friend! - 4" x 4" Self-Sticking Stickers to help students learn important facts! - They can stick them in their notebooks, lockers, or most anywhere! - Easily removable! - Brand New!

      ** 3 "E-Z Grader" Teacher's Aid Scoring Charts (2 Originals and 1 Breast-Cancer Awareness)! - Makes Grading So Much Quicker and Easier! - Prevents Grading Mistakes! - Simply slide the internal card back and forth to align the number of questions on an assignment, and then you can quickly glance down the E-Z Grader to the number of questions the student missed. The percentage score will then be visible through a narrow window in the card! - These are used but still work Like New! - Each Slide & Read Chart measures 8-1/2" x 4-3/4"! - E-Z Graders sell in stores for $7.99 each!...So, that's a $24.00 value for the 3 included here)!

      ** "Let's Tell The Time!...to the half and quarter hour" Self-Correcting Hands-On Activity Book! - A handy spiral-bound flipbook covering 12 different examples of time and divided into three sections; an analogue clock face, a digital clock face and the time phrase. The aim is for students to match the corresponding three pages! - The correct matches are printed in the back of the book for self-correction! - Ideal to use alongside a teaching clock, to introduce a practical or kinaesthetic element, or alongside a geared analogue/digital clock for self-correction! - Made from strong durable cardboard with a wire spine! - Makes learning to tell time Fun! - Book measures: 225 x 95mm! - Like New Condition! - It Retails in specialty school supply stores for $12.00 or more!

      ** Teacher's Discovery Write-on Wipe-off Telling Time Cards! - Included are 41 Heavy-Duty Carded Laminated Dry Erase Clocks!...Enough (and more) for the Entire Classroom! - Clocks feature hand-less faces so students can draw the hands to display the correct time along with blank dotted lines on which the students write the digital version of the same time! - Great way to encourage student participation in time-telling activities! - Each card measures 7" x 5"! - Use them over and over again! - Each card is in Near New to Like New Condition! - These carded clocks sell in stores for a price of 12 cards for $9.00!...So, that's a combined value of More Than $40.00 for the Clocks included here!

      ** 2-Sided Telling Time Tiles! - Features clocks with specific times showing to identify and digital numbers to mix and match in order to identify and display specific times!

      ** 8 Houghton and Mifflin Blank Spinners! - New!

      ** 7 Clear See-Thru Blank Spinners! - New in Original Sealed Packages!

      ** Telling Time Pocket Flash Cards! - 56 Two-Sided Card Set! - Includes 52 cards featuring analog clocks showing time on the hour, quarter hour, and half hour. On back: digital and word equivalents! - Includes 4 information/activity cards...Ideal for home, school, or travel! - Cards feature quick-sorting rounded corners! - Like New!

      ** Learning Resources Overhead Three Bear Family Attribute Tiles! - Use these fun bears to teach attributes, logic and problem solving to the class! - Includes 48 transparent plastic tiles in three sizes and four colors along with a 16-page Teaching Guide! - Ideal for use with an overhead projector! - Tiles are New and have Never Been Used! - Retails in stores for $7.99!

      ** Large Plastic Clear Geometric Shapes Set! - Like New!

      ** Colorful Transparent Geometric Shapes Set! - Like New!

      ** Food Bingo Game Card Set! - Ideal for Identifying Foods in Spanish! - Lots of Game Pieces!

      ** Bingo Card Set Game featuring charts containing all kinds of every day stuff to identify in Spanish! - Items include: Left Hand, Right Hand, Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Letters, and More!

      ** Number Bingo Card Set! - Identify the numbers in Spanish!

      ** 80 Peel 'n' Stick "Eye Catchers" from Art Skills: 60 Neons and 20 Holographics! - Ideal for dressing-up posters, bulletin boards, projects, classroom walls, etc.! - Shapes include Stars, Hearts, Octagons, Balloons, Arrows, Hands with pointing fingers, Handheld Magnifying Glasses, Flowers, Fireworks Explosion Star Bursts, and Cool-Shaped Message Bubbles (you know, like in cartoons to show what someone is saying)! - They are Re-positionable so you can move them around and also use them over and over again! - Brand New in Package!

      ** 62 Purple Dinosaur 4" Creative Cut-Outs! - Perfect for Calendar Activities, Learning Games, and More! - Ideal for enhancing the look of Posters, Bulletin Boards, Projects, Classroom Walls, etc.! - Brand New in Original Sealed Packages!

      ** 62 Green Lizard 4" Creative Cut-Outs! - Perfect for Calendar Activities, Learning Games, and More! - Ideal for enhancing the look of Posters, Bulletin Boards, Projects, Classroom Walls, etc.! - Brand New in Original Sealed Packages!

      ** 36 Die-Cut 2-Color Rooster 5" Cut-Outs (Yellow on one side and Red on the other side)! - Perfect for Making Flash Cards, Invitations, and More! - Ideal for Art Projects, Bulletin Boards, Classroom Walls, Posters, etc.! - Brand New in Original Sealed Packages!

      ** 62 Large Blue Shoe (6" L X 3-1/2" H) Cut-Outs! - Perfect for Making Cards, Invitations, Party Favors (Stick Puppets, etc.), Gift Bags, and Much More! - Create Bulletin Boards in a Breeze! - Included are Instructions for making Awesome Puppets along with Exclusive Access to a Special Website which features Ideas and Instructions on More Fantastic and Creative Crafts to make! - These Cut-Outs are Brand New and Sealed inside their Original Packages!

      ** 6 Colorful Laminated Carded Classroom Signs! - Signs include messages, such as "Teacher's Helper"..."Raise The Flag"..."Clean Chalkboards"..."Put Away School Supplies"..."Check Doors"...and "Check Lights"! - Each sign measures 5-3/4" H x 6-1/4" W! - These signs are in Excellent Condition!

      ** 4 Colorful Laminated Carded Classroom Signs! - Designed for you to add your message of choice! - Each sign measures 5-3/4" H x 6-1/4" W! - These signs are in Excellent Condition!

      ** Round Battery-Operated Pocket-Size Calculator! - Unique-Looking featuring Brightly Colored Buttons in Assorted Colors! - Great Condition! Works Like New! - Retail Price: $7.99!

      ** 4 Brand New Fashion Pencils! - 3 Monster High and 1 Silver Holographic!

      ** 8 Standard Rulers! - Features inches and centimeters. - Includes 6 Plastic Rulers in assorted colors and 2 Wooden Rulers! - Great condition!

      ** Magnetic Locker Pocket! - Immediately sticks on door or wall of locker to provide fashionable additional storage for a range of items! - So Cool! - Brand New!

      ** Magnetic Locker Mirror! - Connects immediately! - No more risking being late to class from having to run to the restroom in-between classes just take a quick look at yourself in the mirror! - Cute and Convenient! - Brand New!

      ** Fun Little School Bus 30 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle! - Look carefully and you will see that a piece of the puzzle itself (the driver's face) is attached to the handles of the puzzle box! - Puzzle is Brand New and Sealed inside!

      ** Compact Sharpener/Eraser Combo! - 2-in-1 Sharpener Eraser Set! - Pop the top to reveal the Eraser!...Twist it to reveal the Sharpener! - Body collects shavings so you and your desk stay mess free! - Brand New!

      ** 3 Tape Measures! - Great Condition!

      ** 2 Houghton Mifflin Math Manipulatives Mesh Storage Bags! - Brand New!

      ** Full-Color Photo featuring President Obama and The First Family!

      ** 6 Egg-Shaped Chalk in Assorted Colors! - Brand New!

      ** Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight PC Game Software! - Learn to fly real airplanes! - Dynamic weather system based on realistic atmospheric physics, with true three-dimensional clouds that form and dissipate! - Worldwide scenery with accurate 3D terrain and auto-gen objects that fill in the world with appropriate buildings and vegetation! - Enhanced interactive air traffic control (ATC), including traffic at all airports around the world! - For 1 or more players over LAN or Internet! - Excellent Condition! Works Like New! - Retails for $29.99 and up!

      ** Hundreds of Laminated and Unlaminated Flash Cards in large to extra large sizes, Assorted Colors, and featuring Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Prices, Math Patterns, Square Roots, Algebra Problems, Translating Word Numbers into digits, Images to identify in Spanish,
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